The Pandemic and a “Restoring Ecosystem” The global outbreak of COVID-19 has  affected every part of human life. The measures taken to control the spread of the virus and the slowdown of economic activities have significant effects on the environment. The pandemic situation has significantly improved air quality in cities across the world, has lessened water and noise pollution, and reduced the pressure on the tourist destinations, which has majorly assisted with the restoration of the ecological system, which is fittingly the theme for this years World Environment Day, “Ecosystem Restoration”. Water pollution is a common phenomenon in developing countries like India, and Bangladesh, where domestic and industrial wastes are dumped into rivers without treatment. During the lockdown period, the major industrial sources of pollution have shrunk or completely stopped, which has helped to reduce the pollution load. For instance, the rivers Ganga and Yamuna have reached a significant level
  The Economy vs the Environment     The links between the economy and the environment are copious : the environment provides resources to the economy, and acts as a sink for emissions and waste. Natural resources are essential raw materials for production in many sectors, while production and consumption also lead to pollution and other pressures on the environment. Countries have been forced to make a tough choice between Economic development and the Environment. On paper, about 197 countries have made the decision to go clean and carbon neutral by signing the Paris Agreement, a legally binding international treaty on climate change, b ut prominent action based on the agreement is yet to be seen.   China suffers from horrifically bad air pollution and its carbon-intensive industries have caused additional environmental challenges. In response, the Government implemented policies to curb emissions. However, following through won’t be easy, as the government struggles to ma
  JOURNEY    OF    A    SAPPLING   Excitement ran through the sapling, for it sprouted out of the muddy soil, bearing itself proudly for the world to see. With frequent kisses of raindrops on its broad leaves, and rays of golden sunlight gleaming down on it, pouring down its love, the blossoming green plant filled with hope awaited its future, excited for what was to come. Along with the days that withered away with time, gone were the feelings that brought happiness, now replaced by something rather different. Oh mortal terror! With the departure of the surrounding greenery, that once danced along with the now grown trees in the calming breeze, the tree awaited the common destiny. While grasping onto the last strand of life, the dull prop pitied the unborn plant the would take its place . Oh how it would be filled with hope and excitement first. Oh how it would all be taken away by the same kind that aided its birth and growth. BY   SHRUTHIKS K.B.
  POEM Nature in Danger   The air which was pure, Now is impure for sure. The fresh waters which was sweet, Now no more a treat. The ‘green lands’ which was a sight, Now look at her plight. The birds’ sweet chirping, Now replaced with vehicles’ honking. God’s wonderful gift to us, Now filled with dust.   Who is at fault for this change? The answer is not at all strange, Neither ‘I’ nor ‘You’, But ‘WE’ which is indeed true. So, let’s change now or never, Before it is damaged forever! By - Adrina Sherilyn A XI Std     Slogans v   Change NOW for the rebirth of our Earth! v   Restore before no more!